Converting Fractions
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Converting Fractions

One of the fundamentals of elementary and middle school math is mastery of fractions.  Our math products contained here will help you or your student learn and practice with fractions - a difficult operation for many - and gain confidence.

We also offer a unique tutoring program. We want to make sure your child is at the head of their class and has an excellent foundation in mathematics. For only $29.99, we guarantee that you will see you child improve their math skills in no time at all!

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The Converting Fractions Flashcard System

Our flashcard set offers a review of the words that education experts insist that all 10th graders master.


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  • A complete kit on how to work with fractions
  • Practice problems
  • Explanations


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  • Kids love it!
  • Shuffle flashcards
  • Mark cards as mastered to remove from main deck
  • Flag cards you want to study more